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[GUIDE] How to be a rocketr.net affiliate for us
I'm writing this guide after a lot of requests!

Being a rocketr.net affiliate will give you an affiliate link which when a potential customer clicks, that customer's referral will be you. Thus, you'll earn a percentage of the sale. It will be deposited into your rocketr.net affiliate account and then you may withdraw the funds to a wallet or you can ask us to convert it into subscription time for ANY product we have listed in our store and we'll give you double time for any amount of deposit.

Start by registering at https://rocketr.net/affiliates/. This will be your affiliate account and you'll need it.
After, go to the tab "Products" on the left menu. You'll be asked for the Product ID or URL.
To find the product URL, go to https://rocketr.net/sellers/alphacheatsio (our current store link as of now) and right click on any item that's being sold copy link location and paste into the product ID area. Click on "register" and you'll get a new URL that resembles the link you copied from our store. That will be your affiliate link. Now, you may share that with any potential customer you come across and when they make a purchase from our store you'll receive your profits in your rocketr.net affiliate account.

Have a good one as always!

- AlphaCheats.io Staff

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